Why you will like Movnote

Movnote is Free and Safe

All services provided by Movnote including movnote.com and Movnote for iPhone are free for use. Your privacy is highly respected, the Facebook Connect information is solely for the sign in purpose, only your name, profile photo and language are retrieved. Your approval is required to post anything on your wall of Facebook. An explicit action is required to upload your Location data recorded in iPhone and you always have the choice to remove the location data of your note.

Make use of iPhone effectively when travelling

Movnote use your iPhone GPS function to track your footprints (location data). As too long GPS usage will drain the battery, so a timer can be set when you want to take photos. Your photos will be matched with the footprints after uploaded to Movnote website.

Make your trip attractive and useful to reader

You can upload photos from your camera or import the photos from Flickr, Picasa, the EXIF Data (Photo taken date and Location data) will be used to organize your trip day by day and shown on map. Your readers will find it more interesting and useful, because they can bookmark your note to plan a trip in their next vacation.

Write your own travel guide

A deep research is usually required before we go travel, we need to read many blogs, buy travel guide books, try to figure out the best trip schedule. Movnote save your time and money, search and bookmark the notes you like and plan your trip by drag and drop.

Works offline

Data roaming charges are expensive and we also use iPod Touch(No cellular data connection). Your favorite trips, travel plans and bookmarks will be synced to iPhone/iPod Touch. You can browse your trip anytime ,anywhere. If you don't have iPhone/iPod Touch, you can also print it out !
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Movnote can download your planned/favorite trips and bookmarks to iPhone